The Superior Works: Et Cetera 

This is the launching pad for who knows what sort of stuff - anything that I find swell about tools and woodworking will probably find its way here sooner or later. You'll find stuff here that you won't see anywhere else, guaranteed. For example, the image to the right is a very rare advertising card from the famous Woodrough&McParlin saw firm out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their most famous product, the Panther Saw, is a patented handle that has a panther's head (looks more like an ornary gargoyle to my eyes) carved into the applewood handle. This saw holds the record for the most expensive American handsaw sold at auction. Regardless of this firm's products, the remarkable thing is that this tradecard even exists since handtools were overlooked during the golden age of Victorian advertising where it seems everything found its way onto trade cards.

Check back every now and then to see what's happening here. You'll be glad you did.

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pal, February 15, 1998