The Superior Works: New Tools 

When this cabinetmaker posed for his photograph ca. 1870, he literally could walk into any hardware store of the day and purchase woodworking tools of the highest quality like the ebony Ultimatum brace hanging below his right elbow. Such is not the case today.

It was inevitable that handtool quality should decline with the advent of power tools because handtools are often thought as quaint and inefficient. Fortunately, handtooling escaped extinction and, in fact, is undergoing a marked revival in popularity. In today's sterile world many artisans, craftsman, and hobbyists go out of their way to use handtools to give the sense of control and mastery that power tools fail to afford them.

The Superior Works is doing its part to stem the tide of "paint by numbers" woodworking as exciting things are happening here. Besides offering quality vintage tools, reproductions of classic tools are found here as well. Three tools are now being manufactured, with three in the production pipeline. All the reproductions are made of the best materials and are made to the same standards of those which inspire them. The tools are 100% guaranteed to perform as described and may be returned at any time should they fail to meet to your satisfaction.

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pal, August 7, 2000