The Superior Works: Old Tools For Sale

Old tools have always been a passion, and whether you're a Young Mechanic, a Middle-aged Mechanic, or an Old Mechanic, you'll find all sorts of tools gathered from the various trades for sale here. Most of the vintage tools are plucked directly from fresh sources throughout New England and are not tired and stale retreads. A monthly list of tools is sent out (via email only - I don't send hard copies through snail mail), and if you'd like to receive the list, click here for them to be hurled your way until you scream UNCLE! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SPAM FILTERS IF YOU WANT THE EMAIL TO MAKE IT TO YOU. Also, please make sure you provide me a valid email address, for if it bounces, I simply remove the address from my mail list (if you don't get a list from me within a week of your subscribing, assume you gave me a bad email address). Oh, and if you're at all worried about your privacy, don't. I value yours as much as I value mine. Your email address goes nowhere beyond my pc.

Old tools have been an obsession now for some sixteen years, and this source has been selling old tools through the internet longer than anyone else. When you buy old tools from The Superior Works, you not only receive quality goods at fair prices, but you also get unlimited "road service" in their proper usage, tips for making them do stuff you might not imagine, advice on which is the correct or better tool for the job you have in mind, historical perspective of their design and use, construction advice from architecture to cabinetmaking (there isn't just an anonymous merchant looking to part you from your money behind this screenful of text - much of this stuff is actually used here) and, of course, a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try getting that from other sources.

You'll find no "Nickel Me Elmo" or "Buff The Magic Dragon" tools listed here. That artisic enhancement is better left for others. You also won't find common tools listed as "scarce" or "rare" like you will at other sites. What you will find are tools accurately described and in the condition that they are found, a formula for success that has proven successful for many years of selling tools through the net. Unless otherwise described, you can assume that they are functional tools with no physical defects.

A very dynamic inventory is the standard operating procedure at The Superior Works, and what's listed is but a sample of things currently in stock. If you have particular wants, please let us know. A very active list of folks seeking stuff is constantly searched as new stuff arrives, and it's quite often the case that the stuff is sold before it even has a chance to be offered publicly.

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