The Superior Works: Ordering Information 

All products, new and old, sold by The Superior Works are warranted correct for total satisfaction or your money back. We're proud to be able to extend this offer since we firmly believe that our products are unsurpassed on the market, both in terms of quality and performance. We're online to answer any and all your questions, be they about our products or handtools and techniques in general.

Payment must be in United States dollars, either by personal check or money order (we're not ready to accept credit cards right now). Prices for the new tools include shipping and handling, but the old tools require a payment of the exact shipping cost that it takes to go from us to you. The vast majority of our goods are sent Priority Mail via the US Post Office, however, heavy objects are normally sent through a ground carrier, like UPS since they charge less to get it to you.

Foreign orders must make arrangements for payments to be drawn upon a United States bank. Many foreign banks have branch offices based in The States, and it's from these branches that payment must be drawn. Any forms of payment that do not follow this procedure will be returned.

We will gladly ship our products anywhere around the globe, as long as the United States Post Office goes there. Shipment will be made as soon as payment clears. If you have any special shipping requirements, please let us know when placing your order and we will gladly follow them (provided they are legal of course).

Payment may be sent to:

Patrick Leach
PO Box 43
Ashby, MA 01431

Thank you for your business!

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